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Removing weeds from your lawn or garden has never been so easy (and fun!)

Simply STICK and KICK those pesky weeds right out. Roots and all!

The Stick 'n' Kick is the fastest, easiest, most eco friendly weed removal tool available, made here in the USA.

About the size and weight of a putter, The Ultimate Weapon in Weed Removal™ can clean up your weed problem in seconds!

The Stick 'n' Kick advantages:

  • INSTANTLY removes the entire weed and protects the lawn.
  • Fun to use! No more backaches or blisters.
  • Environmentally friendly! No hazardous chemicals, noise, pollution, or wires.
  • Sturdy, simple, durable, and lightweight.
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Wear hard-soled close-toed shoes when using Stick 'n' Kick. Do not stand in front of someone that is using a Stick 'n' Kick.
Use only under adult supervision. Works best against weeds and crabgrass in your lawn or garden.