Stick 'n' Kick

How to Use Stick 'n' Kick

The beauty of Stick 'n' Kick is its simplicity.
To quickly rid your lawn or garden of weeds, wear close-toed shoes (like sneakers or work boots), and follow these two steps.

Stick it

STICK the tip right behind the weed, with the root's base between the forked ends (think of it like the tool grabbing the weed's neck).
Do NOT go deeply into the soil- just an inch or less is ideal. The third prong, 'the governor', helps ensure this.

Kick it

KICK the rubber base. Watch the weed fly- roots and all. It's that simple.

Roots and all!

For more helpful tips to get the most out of your new Stick 'n' Kick, download this 1-page PDF.

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What's a Stick 'n' Kick?
How to use a Stick 'n' Kick

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Wear hard-soled close-toed shoes when using Stick 'n' Kick. Do not stand in front of someone who is using a Stick 'n' Kick. Use only under adult supervision. Works best against weeds and crabgrass in your lawn or garden.

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