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"What a simple idea... I placed the business end against the base of one of those offending weeds and gave an easy kick. Four feet of stalk lifted out of the ground and fell to the ground. Place, kick, and another fell. And another. The weeds, so thick the grass could not grow in that corner, are now gone, without pain." -Brian W. Porter

"I'm the envy of the gardening community. It works and saves the back." -Ed A. Haddon Heights, NJ

"I had reservations about it before I tried it in our heavy clay Indiana soil. It works fine and overall, I like it." -Richard C. Batesville, IN

"I was really impressed with how sturdy it is. Stick 'n' Kick is a quality tool." -Joe W. Scottsdale, AZ

"Looks like a good fit for our top ten list of great weeding tools." -Ray C. S. Pasedena, CA

"The Stick 'n' Kick weed removal tool is surely a wise purchase and perfect for your yard or garden." -Steve B. Dallas, TX

"Let's have some fun kicking weeds!" -Arthur R. Woodridge, VA

"I bought two and love how easy it works!" -Joy Z. Phoenix, AZ

"Stick 'n' Kick does everything they said it does and more!" -Chor H. Ontario, Canada

"This is a must have tool if you like to save your back and it is fun like they said. I am impressed with it." -Cassandra B. Dunlap, IL

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Wear hard-soled close-toed shoes when using Stick 'n' Kick. Do not stand in front of someone who is using a Stick 'n' Kick. Use only under adult supervision. Works best against weeds and crabgrass in your lawn or garden.

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