Stick 'n' Kick

What's a Stick 'n' Kick?

Stick 'n' Kick Weeder

  • Instantly removes the entire weed!
    Kicks out weeds fast while protecting the lawn.
  • Fun to use!
    No more backaches or blisters.
  • Environmentally friendly!
    No hazardous chemicals, noise, pollution, or wires.
  • Simple!
    Durable, lightweight design.
  • A Closer Look:

    Each Stick 'n' Kick is handmade in the USA and guaranteed to last.

    1. Convenient hanger for easy storage.

    2. Comfortable grip for repeated use.

    3. Strong, lightweight fiberglass body.

    4. Reinforced rubber base for lots of kicking.

    5. Patented 3-prong steel tip. Front fork grabs the weed, the third tip keeps the tool from going too deeply into the soil, to ensure optimal weed kickery.

    The other weeders on the market are too complicated, loud, or difficult to use. So we made the Stick 'n' Kick!

    About the size and weight of a golf putter, The Ultimate Weapon in Weed Removalâ„¢ can clean up your weed problem in seconds.

    Rid your lawn or garden of weeds during a phone call, or a commercial break. All you need is one hand and one foot to get the job done!

    Stick 'n' Kick is fun, fast, easy, and the most eco-friendly weed removal tool available.

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    What's a Stick 'n' Kick?
    How to use a Stick 'n' Kick

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    Wear hard-soled close-toed shoes when using Stick 'n' Kick. Do not stand in front of someone who is using a Stick 'n' Kick. Use only under adult supervision. Works best against weeds and crabgrass in your lawn or garden.

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